Perfect Blend

for true beer lovers

1758 is a Belgian IPA, a perfect blend of 6 hops. Created by passionate beer artisans, and here for you to enjoy on your own or with the ones you love.

This Belgian IPA is an original recipe that got an upgrade to get the best quality we can offer today. Through small batch brewing and late and dry hopping, 1758 is an exclusive copper blond beer with a unique taste experience.

Type of beer Belgian India Pale Ale Ingredients Natural water, barley malt and 6 hops: East Kent, Golding, Villanette, Citra, Equinox & Cenntennial. Fermentation Double Aroma Hop-like, fruity and a little malty Flavour A perfect balance between bitter and fruity. The bitterness of the hops combines perfectly with the fruity aftertaste. Colour Copper blond EBC 15 Clearness Pretty clear Bitterness EBU 40. Pretty bitter but still easy to drink. Plato 15 Food Suggestions Our IPA goes perfect with spicy meat, asian cuisine or a good old cheese

Premium brewed

in Bocholt, Belgium

With 1758 we want to bring back a classic beer and give it a contemporary twist. We take 6 high-quality hops, combine it with over two centuries of brewing knowledge and what you get is an IPA that makes every moment a special moment. Our IPA, your moment.

6.50% Alcohol percentage
Best served

A history of passion that started a long time ago...

1758 Brewery Martens saw the light in 1758, hence the name of this Belgian IPA. With 1758, we want to celebrate over two centuries of brewing passion. With years and years of beer brewing knowledge, we have now created the beer we've always wanted to create: a perfect blend of six beautiful hops and a copper blond color that reminds you of the sun at its golden hour. With its very flavoured taste experience, 1758 can be enjoyed by everyone, by you.


1758 is finally here for you

We only want the absolute best for you. So after brewing a few batches and perfecting the recipe, we are proud to announce that 1758 is finally available for you to try.


Brouwerij Martens Reppelerweg 1 3950 Bocholt | Belgium
T+32 89 480 480